WG Critical Care, LLC is a healthcare company that is dedicated to improving the outcome of patients treated by doctors and other healthcare professionals in critical care facilities throughout the United States.  As such, WG Critical Care does not condone the off-label use or misuse of its drugs including the use of its products to facilitate or aid lethal injections in penal institutions.  Our medicines should be used solely to help improve a patient’s life and should never be used to end a life contrary to the FDA approved indications for and labeling of our products.

WG Critical Care is committed to restricting the distribution of its products to ensure that our injectable drugs are not distributed to penal institutions for use in lethal injections.  WG Critical Care has implemented contractual restrictions to prevent such misuse of our drugs.  These restrictions limit the sale of our products to our direct customers and prohibit their resale to correctional facilities for use in lethal injections or to any other unauthorized purchasers.  WG Critical Care monitors compliance with these resale restrictions and will continue to work with its distributors and other interested parties to ensure that our products are used appropriately.

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